Our on-site interpreting services are provided by Nationally Certified, American Sign Language Interpreters. Our interpreters are professionaly-trained graduates of Interpreter Training Programs who have mastered both English and American Sign Language. You can trust that when working with any of our credentialed and certified interpreters you will be working with a provider who upholds the ethics of our Code of Professional Conduct to the fullest extent possible, and a provider who is a consummate professional. Each of these interpreters is also HIPAA Certified, thereby adding yet another layer of specialty which sets these interpreters apart from the general population of Certified Interpreters. 

  We also have an expert team of educational interpreters with many years of experience possessing not only National Certification, but the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) Qualification, as well.  To ensure our credentialed interpreters maintain the highest level of skills and knowledge required to be an above-average interpreter, participation in at least twenty hours per year of continuing education is mandatory in order to become a provider for our agency. Knowing the sensitive nature of some assignments, we are happy for the ability to offer the services of both male and female interpreters. Whether your needs be ASL interpreting, Transliteration, Signing Exact English, or any other modality, Interpreting Associates, LLC has a credentialed interpreter to meet your specific linguistic needs.